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VCEM and MultiEnclosure Stacking (MES) firmware upgrade

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VCEM and MultiEnclosure Stacking (MES) firmware upgrade

Chris had an MES firmware upgrade question:




Customer has 2 x c7000 in MES which is managed by VCEM that require firmware upgrade for the Virtual Connect. The 2 x c7000 enclosures in MES configuration is the only 2 enclosures in the VC Domain Group.


When we put the VC Domain in maintenance mode, will both the enclosures exit to maintenance mode? 


Any advise or gotcha when performing the upgrade for MES in VCEM.




Reply from Chad:




The domain itself is placed into Maintenance Mode. Since your domain consists of 2 enclosures, they will both be placed in Maintenance Mode.


Keep in mind with MES, that an entire side of modules, Bay 2 modules or even modules, will be upgraded first then the Bay 1 or odd side will be completed. You can control this with the -oe manual switch to reboot the modules as you see fit but all modules will need to be upgraded in order to come back into the VCDG.


What version are you looking to upgrade to? If you are going to VC 3.30, you’ll need 6.3 Update 1 installed on the SIM/VCEM server.




Any other help for Chris?