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VCEM and stacked enclosure 4GB to 8GB FC module upgrade

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VCEM and stacked enclosure 4GB to 8GB FC module upgrade



I have a mutiple C7000 stacked domain setup in VCEM. 3 Enclosures.

2 of the enclosures have 2 x HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module and 2 x VC FC 8GB modules. The third enclosure has HP 4Gb VC-FC Module, I have 2 x 8GB VC FC spare modules and need to upgrade the 4GB to 8Gb modules.

1. What is the process to get the VC FC 4GB replaced by the 8GB?

2. Is it as simple as remove and replace modules?

3. Will I loose WWN's?

4. Will I have to remove the domain group within VCEM, Unassign profiles, re-create SAN FC connections.

Help would be really appreciated here.





Re: VCEM and stacked enclosure 4GB to 8GB FC module upgrade

I would consult the VC User Guide -

Below shows if you are migrating from a 4Gb to a 8Gb/20, it is a module replace only.
As long as the firmware matchs the other VC-FC modules in the domain, you are done. If it doesn't match you may have to re-apply VC-FC firmware to get the modules integrated into Domain.

No loss of WWN or Profile changes.

If you are going from a 4Gb to a 8Gb/24, there are changes to profiles.


Upgrading to an HPE Virtual Connect 8Gb 20-Port FC Module

To replace an HPE 4Gb VC-FC Module or HPE VC 4Gb FC Module with an HPE VC 8Gb 20-Port FC


1. Upgrade the VC domain firmware to the latest supported version. See "VC module supported

firmware" in the setup and installation guide.

2. Physically remove the existing module.

3. Install the HPE VC 8Gb 20-port FC Module.

The installation is complete.