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VCEM business case and technical requirements

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VCEM business case and technical requirements

Vinay had a customer looking to implement VCEM:




Has anyone worked on VCEM.   We have a client with nearly a dozen enclosure at hp datacenter.  Would you have a business case to propose vcem and also the technical requirements. 




Input from Julio:




Here are some important points that VCEM can help managing the enclosures configured with Virtual Connect:


1)      Introduces the VC Domain Group (VCDG) concept where you can have multiple VC Domains (or enclosures) in a VC Domain Group. The changes, like adding, updating or removing Ethernet Networks or SAN Fabrics are automatically propagated across all VC Domains from the VCDG. If the customer buys a new enclosure, not configured, it can be added to a VCDG and VCEM will “push” the VCDG configuration on that enclosure.

2)      Improves the Server Profile mobility. With VCEM you can move a Server Profile from one VC Domain to another, even if the VC Domain is part of different VC Domain Group.

3)      Includes the Server Profile failover capability (see this whitepaper for more details:

4)      Provides a better management for virtual MACs, WWNs and Server Serial Numbers. For example, VCEM provides a big MAC/WWN pool with 128K addresses that can be used across the VC Domains managed by VCEM. If you’re not using VCEM, the number of MACs/WWNs provided by HP is limited to 64K, split on 64 ranges of 1K MACs/WWNs. It is easy to run out of MACs/WWNs when a VC Domain is configured with 1K range. Also, when VCEM is not being used, it is up to the user to make sure the same MAC/WWN range was not selected for the 2 or more VC Domains, causing duplicate MACs/WWNs on the customer environment.




Here is a link to the VCEM info as well: