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VCEM domain group with different VC modules

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VCEM domain group with different VC modules

Juho had a customer question:




I have customer with VCEM implemented with VC Flex-10 modules in domain group. Can they add enclosures with Flex10/10d modules to same domain group? It states on 7.0U1 manual;


If you are using the HP VC FlexFabric 10 Gb 24-port module, ensure that the module status is

compatible. If the module is incompatible, an error message appears.

VCEM cannot manage a VC Domain that has one or more FC modules in an incompatible state.

The FC module can become incompatible in the following situations:

• An HP Virtual Connect 4 Gb FC module replaces an HP Virtual Connect 8 Gb 24-port FC


• An HP Virtual Connect 8 Gb 24-port FC module replaces a HP Virtual Connect 4 Gb FC


If two VC modules from different models (like a Flex-10 or a FlexFabric module or an FC 4

Gb and an FC 8 Gb) share the same I/O bay slice.

• If there are mixed VC FC 4 Gb and 8 Gb modules in the same I/O bay from different

enclosures in a multienclosure VC Domain.


So one cannot have enclosure with Flex-10 on bay1 & bay2  and another enclosure with similar io module placement but using Flex10/10D on same domain group?                                            




Info from Vincent:





No you can’t. Think about it if VCEM allowed such a config: what would happen if you put a domain with Flex-10/10D modules in maintenance and create a new SUS with uplink X9, exit maintenance, VCEM goes and tries to replicate the change to other domains in the domain group, what would it do on domains with Flex-10 modules which do not have a port X9 ?




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