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VCEM migration to OV


VCEM migration to OV

Yannick asked:






Apparently the current migration paths are a blocking factor for my customer due to the amount of work. They have around 30 enclosures at the moment.


  • Migrate enclosure by enclosure to Oneview and reconfigure all blades
  • Migrate blade by blade from a VCEM enclosure to a OneView enclosure, in the meanwhile reconfiguring each blade


What would be the most efficient way of migrating?

Will there be an upgrade path directly from VCEM to OneView in the future?


Thanks for your suggestions!


Kind Regards




Vincent replied:





Migrating VCEM-managed domains requires taking the domains out of the VCEM domain group. But once this is done, and barring any other non-VCEM related blocking conditions, you should be able to migrate the enclosures over to OneView. I don't see why you would have to "reconfigure all blades". To me, this is the easier path.


I think it's unlikely that we will ever remove the requirement to take VC domains out of VCEM domain groups for migration to OneView.






Fred also answered:




Take a look at the “Transitioning a Virtual Connect configuration to HPOV” white paper. It talks about the migration process including when VCEM is in the picture. The HPOV POSH library can help with scripting the migration including removing the VC domain from the domain group in preparation for the migration to HPOV.