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VCEM - recover of an domain/enclosure config after a failed FW update (corrupt backup?)

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VCEM - recover of an domain/enclosure config after a failed FW update (corrupt backup?)

Kelly was looking for help:




Looking for feedback/ideas….


We have been working with a customer/HP Support trying to recover 1 member of a 5 member domain group.


After a failed firmware update, and working under the guidance of HP Support, we have tried multiple times to restore our backup file we created prior to the FW update.  Each time we restore it, the VCM module remains in a “loading, please wait” status at the VCM login web page right after the config file was uploaded.  We are starting to suspect the backup file is somehow corrupt.


What other options could we use to recover the config of this domain group member?  Are there any other options?


Example:  Could we zero out the VCM config of the cards, make the VCM module go though the Wizard, but instead of loading the config file, could we create a new domain (same domain name as before), then try to “cancel” out of VCEM maintenance mode to cause the config to be pushed back down?   I suspect we will lose some relationship between the VCEM previous domain that was imported and the newly created VCM domain in the enclosure, even if it is the same name.


We have converted the backup file to text, and could copy-paste the config also, but trying to see if we can preserve WWN and how we maneuver though the VCEM environment.  Heading off to do some more reading…..




Input from Chris:




Unfortunately, VCEM prior to 7.1 didn’t provide a method of recovering profiles in situations like this within VCEM.  Your customer should upgrade to VCEM 7.1 to help mitigate this issue if it happens again in the future.


However, VCSU should have created a VC Domain Config Backup file.  They should be able to restore the VC Domain from the backup file, and then re-import it into VCEM.  Please remember that restoring a VC Config Backup can take up to 45minutes or longer, as it completely restores the domain, and attempts to import the local enclosure.





Any other suggestions?