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VCM Webinterface does not work correclty

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VCM Webinterface does not work correclty

I have three c7000 with redudant vc modules and on one I have the following problem (the two others work fine and are same version etc.):



- VCM Webinterface uses only 1/2 of screen (the upper half) and hangs on "loading" in Backup Menu


Solutions tried without luck so far:

- serveral Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) > don't think it is an issue here since the other work

- reset VMC, with and without failover (both modules show the same behaviour)

- update from 4.30 to 4.45


After some time the webserver restarts automaticly on those modules but the problem stays.

Any ideas what to do besides contacting HPE support?


Many thanks in advance.!