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VLAN CHANGE / MOVE Best Practices

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VLAN CHANGE / MOVE Best Practices

Todd had a customer question regarding movement of VLANs.




A customer has two VC SUS configured in his domain. He wants to migrate several VLANS from one SUS to the other SUS.  The VLAN's are currently assigned to Blade Profiles.


We are trying to minimize downtime, so the thought is to ADD the VLANS to the other SUS instead of MOVING the VLANS. Then modifying the server profiles to add the other SUS?. I checked the VC User guide and I see we can modify VLAN ID's in Flex10..but it doesn't mention one way or another for the non Fle-10 which is what we have in our environment.




Chris had some advice:




Well, you can modify the assigned VID (VLAN ID) within the SUS, or simply add the new VIDs to the SUS.  This behavior and operation is regardless of the Virtual Connect model.


However, that doesn't mean that the customer does not need to make any changes on their OS's or even the Server Profiles.  If they are not using any Server-side VLAN trunking/tagging, then life is easy; just update the server profile with the newer vNets. 


If they are using Server-side VLAN trunking/tagging, then that will certainly make life a bit harder.  If they are also defining new subnets, then they can also pre-stage the new networking on their hosts to minimize impact.  If they are not migrating to another L3 subnet, then that will make their life more difficult, as they would need to update the networking stack or NIC team configuration to take into account for any changes.




Other comments or best practices?