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VLAN Tunneling with vSphere


VLAN Tunneling with vSphere


I have 2 x VC Flex-10 modules in my C7000, each of which will be connected to a pair of CIsco Nexus 5000 switches in VPC mode.


I need to support 100+ VLANs on my ESX hosts, and therefore need to use tunneled mode on VC.


Is this a valid configuration? i.e. having 2 x 10Gb/s uplinks from each VC (configured in LACP) so in effect 2 x 20GB tlinks, configuring Nexus ports as do1.q trunks and tagging for all my 100 VLANs?


Then in ESX I create Port Groups and tag each for the relevant VLAN?


Is there any constraints to this configuration?




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Re: VLAN Tunneling with vSphere



This configuration sounds valid to me.  It is also consistent with Scenario #1-3 from: