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VMware Beacon Probing on BL620??

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VMware Beacon Probing on BL620??

Manfred has a question on the drivers for the BL620c.






A Customer have a Problem with the Smart Link in VC.

It s not possible to use the “Smart-Link” option in the Virtual Connect Module (Flex10 - FW 3.15) with ESXi V4.1-U1 in combination with NC532i (bnx2x mit 1.60.50.v4.1.2)  

There is a workaround for this problem with VmWare Beacon Probing:


My Question is:

Do I also need Beacon Probing for the NC553i (BL620)?

Or will the “Smart Link” option work with the BL620 without Problems?


thanks for help




VIncent had the answer:




This issue was fixed with the 1.60 Broadcom driver which was released a while ago. SmartLink now works properly. The NC553i (Emulex based) has never suffered from this problem.