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Virtual Conect Flex-10 hybrid mode quesiton.

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Virtual Conect Flex-10 hybrid mode quesiton.

Rick had a customer situation that needed some advice:




Does the below concern sound like something we can do with VC firmware or is this something that could be achieved in a diff way ?


I was hoping there will be a way to run a hybrid mode for our vnets. We have a situation where 4 x flex-nic to servers is not enough yet we need to have networks that are strictly in-chassis. Some of those additional connections do not require a lot of bandwidth (or can happily share) it would be handy if we can tag traffic from two networks on one flex-nic while still being able to keep some traffic local to the chassis (like vMotion).




Vincent replied:




What makes them think they can’t do that today ? Using VLAN tagging on a FlexNIC and keeping inter-blade traffic inside the enclosure is entirely feasible. Is this another case of confusion over VLAN tunnel mode where people think it forces traffic out of the enclosure ? It does not.




Other comments or quesitons? Are you doing inter-chassis and inter-server links?