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Virtual Connect 3.x: VC Show All text file with no word wrap

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Virtual Connect 3.x: VC Show All text file with no word wrap

Lawrence was looking for some help:




Hi All,


My customer wants to check one VC domain configuration with that of another enclosure just to make sure that the defined profiles are all created the same.


We used the script option to output the VC domain configuration into a spreadsheet, (see attached file called VC.CSV) but found a limitation.


The spreadsheet does not display more details for profiles which are configured with multiple networks.


Is there a way of viewing a VC domain’s server profile definition when there are multiple networks configured for a profile via an exported file instead of via the GUI?  It’s not convenient to have to click through the GUI to find out what multiple networks are configured for a server profile.




Robert had a suggestion:




The CLI command to display the Vlans (vnets) within profiles containing ports with multiple networks selected is ‘show server-port-map’.  You can use ‘show server-port-map *’ to display all profiles that contain ports with multiple networks assigned.  You can still use the script output.




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