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Virtual Connect 320 VLAN limt: quick clarification question

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Virtual Connect 320 VLAN limt: quick clarification question

Lee was looking for some clarification on the 320 VLAN limit in Virtual Connect modules when in a stacked configuration:




                Just a quick clarification of the 320 VLAN limit.  In a 3 enclosure stack, each module in the stack can have up to 320 VLAN assigned, right?  This is not a limit of 320 VLAN for the entire stack?


Customer has 3 enclosures with 5 x 1Gb uplinks on the bottom enclosure and 5 x 1Gb uplinks on the top enclosure with stacking cables between the enclosures.  The way I understand it, If the entire stack needs more than 320 VLAN, then that first module has to handle all the VLAN for switching to the other modules in the stack, so I’m confused as to how this works.  



SUS - Restrictions and limitations

When configuring a Shared Uplink Set the following limitations apply;

  • • 64 VLANs per uplink (128 VLAN Support is provided in VC firmware 2.30 and later)
  • • 320 VLANs per module
  • • 28 VLANs to a server down link
  • • Every VLAN on every uplink counts towards the 320-VLAN limit. If a Shared Uplink Set is comprised of multiple uplinks, each VLAN on that Shared Uplink Set is counted multiple times



Vincent answered:




The 320 limit is per module. Note that it’s 320 VLAN translations where the number of uplinks very much comes into play: in your example if you have 5 x 1Gb uplinks off one module and all 5 uplinks are assigned to a SUS, this SUS can carry at most 64 VLANs (64*5=320).




Comments? Other input.

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Re: Virtual Connect 320 VLAN limt: quick clarification question

This is the info I wanted to see regarding domain limits in a stacked environment:


From Glenn:




Hi Lee


Keep in mind whilst the limit is per module it also applies to the whole domain i.e. you can’t have 320 unique VLANS defined per each module in your domain/stack as per your suggestion as that will exceed the domain limit, which is also 320.