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Virtual Connect 4.85 and CDP Traffic passtrough

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Virtual Connect 4.85 and CDP Traffic passtrough

good morning,
we do have an ESXi 6.7U3 Cluster running on HPE BL460c Gen8/9 in an C7000 chassis.
In VMWare the CDP status is populated, the System is connected to a Nexus fabric switch

In a second datacentre we have the same setup (ESXi 6.7U3, BL460c Gen9 in C7000 Chassis with VirtualConnect FW4.85). Systems are also connected to Nexus and CDP is enabled on the uplink ports (Inside VC i can see the connected ports on the Nexus)

But in VMware the CDP information is missing. For me it looks like the VC is not passing through the CDP information.

Does anyone have an idea where to look, any help is appreciated,

kind regards


Re: Virtual Connect 4.85 and CDP Traffic passtrough

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol used to exchange device identity and capability information between two directly connected Cisco devices. CDP allows each Cisco device to display, for the administrator, a table showing the identity and capability of other directly connected Cisco devices. One of the primary uses of this information is for troubleshooting purposes. 
Virtual Connect does not support CDP. VC does support the industry standard protocol called Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) by default. LLDP is functionally equivalent to CDP, although the two protocols are not compatible. Many Cisco switches support LLDP. The global configuration command “lldp run” and the interface commands “lldp transmit” and “lldp receive” are used to enable LLDP on a Cisco switch that supports the protocol. The exec command “show lldp neighbors” displays LLDP neighbor information to the Cisco switch console. 
Virtual Connect provides the LLDP neighbor information for each VC uplink at the bottom of the statistics page for each port.

Please refer HP Virtual Connect for the Cisco Network Administrator guide (page number 44) for more information.

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Re: Virtual Connect 4.85 and CDP Traffic passtrough

good morning,

thank yo ufor your reply.

Unfortuanly this is a "basic" information i already gathered from the documentation.

I do not expect the VC to support CDP itself, but i was looking for something like passthrough the CDP information.



vim-cmd hostsvc/net/query_networkhint --pnic-name=vmnic0

( [
( {
device = "vmnic0",


( {
vlanId = 15,
ipSubnet = ""
network = <unset>,
connectedSwitchPort = ( {
cdpVersion = 2,
timeout = 60,
ttl = 126,
samples = 114878,
devId = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(SSI170405VK)",
address = "",
portId = "Ethernet1/4",
deviceCapability = ( {
router = false,
transparentBridge = false,
sourceRouteBridge = false,
networkSwitch = true,
host = false,
igmpEnabled = true,
repeater = false
softwareVersion = "Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software, Version 5.2(1)N1(4)",
hardwarePlatform = "N5K-C5548UP",
ipPrefix = "",
ipPrefixLen = 0,
vlan = 1,
fullDuplex = true,
mtu = 1500,
systemName = "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
systemOID = "",
mgmtAddr = "",
location = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
lldpInfo = ( null


and yes, the blade chassis is connected via VC.

kind regards