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Virtual Connect Backup Converter

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Virtual Connect Backup Converter

Hoa was looking for some info:




Hello all!


I am looking for readme or support file as how to use Virtual Connect Backup Converter.     I have parsed VC Backup from the tool,  but don’t know how use or take the next step to apply to a new enclosure using current script.     I appreciate any advice.




Chris provided some info:




The output of the VC Backup Converter are CLI commands.  You will need to use an SSH client to access the VCM CLI, and paste into your SSH client window.  Or, you can use say PLINK to run the CLI commands in batch mode (which would be in non-interactive mode) to deploy a new script configuration.




Hope this helps. Comments?

Gudmund Oterhals
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Re: Virtual Connect Backup Converter

Where can I download this utility?