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Virtual Connect Boot from SAN (BfS) question

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Virtual Connect Boot from SAN (BfS) question

Carlos had a BfS question with VC-FC:




We have a c7000 with full height servers BL680c G5 with a FC Mezzanine (Dual port Qlogic) on the first mezzanine #1 input.


We made two FC profiles one with all ports of interconnect bay 3 and the other with all ports of interconnect bay 4.


We have successfully installed a server that BFS.


But here is the question: I do know that this server uses one FC HBA on VC Bay 3 and the other on VC Bay 4 but…


We’ve seen that this server only uses first and left FC Uplink on each bay (3 or 4). We cannot make the server use any other uplink port than those ports and I wonder if it depends of VC Configuration or it’s the way it works…




Dave replied:




                Starting with VC 3.0 all VC-FC modules default to a Dynamic Load balancing login schema.


From the VC-FC Cookbook pg 20:


Dynamic Logins Load Balancing and increased redundancy

When VC Fabric uplinks are grouped into a single fabric, the module uses dynamic login distribution to load balance the server connections across all available uplink ports.

The port with the least number of logins across the VC SAN Fabric is used, when the number of logins is equal, VC makes a round-robin decision.

Static Uplink Login Distribution has been removed since VC 3.00. 


I believe that if you had built bay x first, it would have used port 1, as this shows Server 4 first.







Any other help for Carlos?