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Virtual Connect Configuration "Viewer"

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Virtual Connect Configuration "Viewer"

Phil wanted to view the Virtual Connect configuration:




Do you know of a way to look at the Virtual Connect Backup configuration file, i.e., is there a program you can use to open it and look at what the configuration is without having to be at the customers machine  and use the GUI?


I basically want to compare the Zoning on a Switch with the WWN’s that Virtual connect is using so as to get my head around what is plugged into where.


I know about the Virtual Connect Simulator, but this doesn’t seem to work – most probably because when I try to import a configuration from a real VC Config Backup, the hardware layout/interconnects in the Simulator are different.




Robert had the answer:




Use an SSH session to log into the VCM, password access using same credentials as GUI.  Make sure that all session output is enabled for the SSH client logging.  At the prompt:


> show all *       ! Asterisk is critical to get all VC configuration and status detail.  You will not get WWNs without the *




Other suggestions or comments?

Juan Manuel Jaramillo
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Re: Virtual Connect Configuration "Viewer"

Hi, phil where can i get this VC Simulator,