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Virtual Connect Domain configuration lost???

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Virtual Connect Domain configuration lost???

Manuel was looking to help a customer:




Working with a customer who says that after resetting the Virtual Connect Manager on a Flex-10 module the domain configuration got wiped.

When he logged back into the VCM he got the setup wizzard.

He does not have a backup so the question is: Is there any way at all to restore his config?




Dave responded:





      If your customer is getting the 'First Time Wizard', have him/her check the ‘Enclosure Import/Recovery’ screen;


If it shows just two choices, then they will need to start over.

If there is a third to restore Flash, then the config was still in the VC module flash area. Select the "Flash" option and it should restore the stored config.




Other comments or suggestions? Have you had to recover from a lost VC Domain? How did you recover it?