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Re: Virtual Connect ENterprise Manager (VCEM) in DR scenario

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Virtual Connect ENterprise Manager (VCEM) in DR scenario

Can someone help me to understand how Virtual connect Enterprise manager helps in business continuity scenario? I can’t find exact documentation how it works with ESXi works load or any other server operating OS.


As far as my knowledge, VCEM helps to power server on spare server either at the same site or at DR site with data and Ethernet network. My question how do we manage to provide storage and how it deals with the virtual machines if it’s ESXI hosts? Do we need to use this solution with some other vendor’s solutions?






Re: Virtual Connect ENterprise Manager (VCEM) in DR scenario

So VCEM is just a small part of the puzzle. It let's you migrate SN/MAC/WWN to your DR so you can mantain uniformity and licensing during the "Rip & Replace". What you want to achieve is offered by our Cloud System Matrix with DR capabilities. It will work with many Hypervisors. So if you're considering a Hybrid Cloud that'll be the way to go, it's so many pieces I would advice to contact your sales specialist, if you don't have one let me know and I can put you in touch with one.