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Virtual Connect Enclosure Stacking - Need Verification

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Virtual Connect Enclosure Stacking - Need Verification

Chris wanted some configuration verification:




Need some help with verification for stacking recommendation for 2, 3 & 4 chassis.


For this particular scenario, the customer wants to import multiple enclosures for centralized domain management without VCEM and therefore must create stacking links between the enclosure FlexFabric modules.  I simply have a redundant stacking link between each of the chassis… every chassis has its native uplinks, we aren’t doing uplink consolidation or anything that requires a highly redundant mesh.


It would be greatly appreciated if someone could just take a peek at the attachment and let me know if this is a decent approach.




Dave responded:




For your case a simple mesh stack would include a single path. A more redundant MES would have two paths, one per side(odd / even).


VC  MES Reference Guide, pg 11 - 16:




Are you using Multi-Enclosure Stacking? Any best practices you would like to share?