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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) and profile migration

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) and profile migration

John was having migrating issues to a new Central Management Server (CMS) with VCEM:




Is there a documented process for VCEM Migration between CMS’s.


I have been attempting, unsuccessfully, Insight CMS Data Migrations  - consistently fails on HP SIM Component.  The VCEM part of the Migration works fine.


At this stage I am not interested in Devices and Event from the current CMS, but need to preserve the current VCEM state.  Can VCEM be migrated to a fresh CMS, with current VCM configuration?




Input from Chris:




The “migration” is quite simple, albeit manual process:


  1. Discover the enclosure in target VCEM CMS.
  2. Remove existing VCM Domain from VCEM Domain Group.
  3. Add VCM Domain to existing or new VCEM Domain Group.


This process does not require any downtime.




Other comments?