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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) enclosure power down question

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) enclosure power down question

Keith had a customer question regarding VCEM:




My customer has a need to power down two enclosures in a VC domain group controlled by VCEM. Is the recommended process to take one domain and put it in maintenance mode and then power down everything and then power back on and come out of maintenance mode in VCEM or not even worry about VCEM and just power down the enclosures?




Lionel and Vincent had some advice:





You don't have to worry about VCEM as long as they don't have automated Failover rules, otherwise SIM, or whatever batch they use, will trigger a profile failover. If they don't use Failover rules, you simply shutdown the servers.


The maintenance mode is required when you need to change the VC configuration.


Then Vincent replied: 

It also depends on the purpose of the power down. If the goal is to power the enclosures back up with no significant hardware changes (in particular you're not changing the VC modules), you shouldn't have to do anything in VCEM indeed.




Other comments or advice? Let us know what you do in these situations.