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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager(VCEM) question

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager(VCEM) question

Ed had a question regarding the Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager:




Hi… quick question about Automatic Profile Migration within VCEM.

What would trigger or precipitate an Automatic profile migration to a spare server.

Does VCEM have any mechanism within itself to move a profile if a specific physical event occurs?
OR does VCEM depend on HP SIM to tell it that a server is experiencing a Pre Failure or post failure?





Vincent responded:




You choose in SIM which events you want to trigger a failover. VCEM installs an event collection (“VCEM Failover Events” I think) that represents HP’s recommendation but every customer should give this some thought and possibly modify the collection. (dates back to VCEM 1.10 but still useful I think)




Comments? Are you using VCEM in your environment? Let us know if you have determined failover criteria and how it works.