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Virtual Connect -FC Login Re-Distribution

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Virtual Connect -FC Login Re-Distribution

Avi had a Virtual Connect - FC question:




Hi all,


In previous version we get static or Dynamic options in the Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel module.


Now under the SAN fabric I get  “Login re-Disribute”=Manual.

What’s the meaning of “MANUAL” in the Re-Distribute Option.


Can I Change it to something else  like DYNAMIC?




Sanjeev replied:




Hi Avi,


The Virtual Connect -FC module (version 3.xx)  uses the dynamic login distribution only if there is no static logic distribution. Refer to page number 23 in the document


The “Manual” setting is related to the re-distribution which requires manual intervention.


If a port in the group becomes unavailable, hosts logged in through that port are reconnected to the fabric through the remaining ports in the group, resulting in auto-failover.

Check the document page 82.


To change the time interval to redistribute the login (in case SAN link fails) click on the “Fibre Channel Settings”, Click on WWN Settings (on left hand panel) Click on Misc (on right hand panel) and change the interval.




And Lionel joined the discussion:




Hi Avi,


The way VC re-distributes the logins across the FC ports available can be either manual or automatic (i.e. if you face FC congestion problems, you can decide to add an additional port for your VC SAN Fabric).


Login re-distribution must not be confused with the feature called uplink login distribution, (i.e. Server in Bay 1 connects through VC-FC uplink 1, Server Bay 2 through uplink port 2, etc.)  We used to support both Static and dynamic login distribution but since VC 3.00, static is no longer available.


Does it make sense?



Any other suggestions or questions?