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Virtual Connect FC SAN Reconnection


Virtual Connect FC SAN Reconnection



i have following Blade System:

- c3000 BladeEnclosure (OA FW: 3.32)

- 2x VC Ethernet Modules (FW: 3.30)

- 2x VC 4GB/s FC Modules (FW: 1.42)

- 8x BL460c G1 with QLogic Dual Port 4GB FC HBA


On some of my Blade-Server is Windows Server 2008 R2 installed (incl. MPIO HP Drivers). Two servers have installed ESXi.

I recently updates my Brocade FC SAN Switches. After the first switch updated/restarted i realized two of my four Pathes on my Windows servers were down/failed. The ESXi Server reconnected fine and showed all of my four pathes to the storage (EVA4400) online.


So i tried to reconnect the failed pathes an found two workarounds:

1. Restart the whole Windows Server

2. Unassingn Virtual Connect FC Port and reassingn the FC Port


So my question is:

Is this behavior normal? I dont think so. I thought the windows server should re-enable the failed pathes automaticly if restarted Switch is back online.

For me it seems, the "back online" Information of the SAN Switch ist not received by the Windows-Servers through Virtual Connect FC?!


Please help.

Thanks all!


Best Regards


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Re: Virtual Connect FC SAN Reconnection

Try bringing up the SAN Fabrics screen, click once to highlight the Fabric that had the switch upgrade happen, then right click and choose "Distribute Logins". That should make VC take logins and spread them back out among all uplinks for that fabric that are up.