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Virtual Connect-FC removal of Static Login

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Virtual Connect-FC removal of Static Login

Reo had a question on the Virtual Connect Fibre Channel module:




Hi All, we have seen removal of Static Login Support in VC-fw v3.00 or later.


>Removal of Static Login Support in Utah and Omaha/Ocho Modules.




Virtual Connect Fabric

By default, all of the VC-FC uplinks are grouped into a single fabric, distributing connectivity from all 16

server blades in the enclosure. If a port in the group becomes unavailable, hosts logged in through that

port are reconnected to the fabric through the remaining ports in the group, resulting in auto-failover.

However, users can redistribute the connections manually.

To form a Virtual Connect fabric correctly, participating uplinks must be connected to the same SAN

fabric. The WWN of the principle fabric switch indicates connectivity to the same SAN fabric in Virtual


The module uses dynamic login distribution to provide an uplink port path failover that allows server

connections to failover within the Virtual Connect fabric. Server connections are redistributed across all

available (currently logged into the external SAN) uplink ports.



Why was this static function removed?




Dave responded:





      I believe there are two main reasons. One is that Dynamic has auto login. The other is that Static uplinks were tied into specific downlink bays. Depending on the number of uplink and the servers installed, bandwidth could be an issue. If the site was using full height, BL870s or the new BL890 some uplinks may not be used.

 See attached info: