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Virtual Connect FLEX-10, iSCSI question.

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Virtual Connect FLEX-10, iSCSI question.

Mohammed had an iSCSI question:




Hello All,

Was wondering if NC553i Dual Port FlexFabric 10Gb Adapter and a Virtual Connect Flex-10 Ethernet module, will work to configure the iSCSI hardware port as in the VC FlexFabric mode, I have a customer trying to do this to connect a Netapp storage solution.. Do you think it should work fine?




David answered:




                Yes, The G7 blades, NC55xi and NC55xm units will work with the Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules. Be sure to create the iSCSI NICs in the iSCSI section below the Ethernet section. You will need to right click in the iSCSI section to enable the two iSCSI ports, these will be the 1b & 2b ports and it will enable the iSCSI on the hardware.


                The server will reboot after POST as it enables the iSCSI driver and it’s IQN will have the base MAC address in its number.




Have you tried this? Any info on how it worked for you??