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Virtual Connect FLEX-10 module CABLING QUERY.

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Virtual Connect FLEX-10 module CABLING QUERY.

Mir had a customer question:




Need a query on Flex 10 Cabling , One of the customer in UK wants to know if he can mix Fiber and copper SFP on VC FLEX 10 E-Net Module .



As per quick specs it says VC flex 10 supports.


Port X1- X8  Supports 10Gb SR, LR, or LRM fiber and copper SFP+ uplinks


We checked Cookbook and quick specs and we could not find any update on mixing fiber and copper SFP.


Customer wants to know if this is a recommended step to mix cables.




Reply from Cullen:




Yes.  Each uplink port on Flex 10 can have a different SFP+ module or DAC.




Any other comments or questions?

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Re: Virtual Connect FLEX-10 module CABLING QUERY.

Just F.Y.I.


I may be mistaken but, if anything is plugged into X7 or X8 ports, the internal link to the secondary VC Flex-10 will be broken. This is true even if there is NO connection ( just SFP+ plugged in but no fiber or cable).