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Virtual Connect FLex-10 and Gen8 Server Configuration

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Virtual Connect FLex-10 and Gen8 Server Configuration

Mark had a customer question:




Customer has BL460c Gen8 servers with 530FLB LOM modules configured so each port is assigned to VC Flex-10 IC modules. It is configured to use four NICs. 2-4Gb NICs and 2-2Gb NICs. For the uplink they have a 10Gb connection into each VC Flex-10 IC Module. The VC is setup for auto mode. They would like to be able to have both uplink connections active simultaneously and understand that in the event of a failure performance will be impacted. Is there a way to do this? I vaguely remember some time ago that there were cookbooks that helped with things like this, but I have not been able to find anything related to the Gen8 servers. Can anyone point me in the right direction for documentation on this? Or provide feedback on doing this?




Aleksandar Replied:




In order to have the uplink in Active-Active mode, you have to configure two Shared Uplink Sets each containing a copy the VLANs that the customer will use on the enclosure. Then on server level you can set the teaming to load balance accordingly.


You can check the FlexFabric (flex-10 included) cookbook page 39.  The VC firmware used in the book is little bit older, but the concept is the same in newer versions:




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