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Virtual Connect FLex-10 profile question

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Virtual Connect FLex-10 profile question

Donald needed some help:




I was doing some training on VC today at a customer site and ran into an issue I could answer.  The firmware is 3.55 for the OA and 3.51 for the Flex10 VC modules.  The customer doesn’t have 10G in their datacenter and is using 1G for their uplinks.  They currently have 4-1G uplinks in each module and there will be one SUS that will trunk 3-1G uplinks with vlan tagging and the other will be used for a separate vlan.  When we configured the profiles, we initial setup the 2G NIC first and set that to custom and used auto for the other 3 NICs.  When we saved the profile, it gave the NIC that we assigned 2G, 100M and the other NICs 3.3G.  We then deleted the NICS and manually added them using custom with 1a at 2G and 1b,1c, and 1d at 2.6G. When we saved the profile, it set all of the NICs at 100M.  Has another seen this behavior before?




Input from Robert:




I have not seen this before. 


I would make sure that 100M has not been set as maximum speed in the advanced settings for the networks that are being assigned to those profile ethernet connections.  Because I do not know the configuration, I would also check the global max speed setting in the ethernet section advanced settings.




Comments or suggestions?