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Virtual Connect FW 3.70 and single Shared Uplink Set(SUS)

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Virtual Connect FW 3.70 and single Shared Uplink Set(SUS)

Chad was trying to help a customer:




Working with an ES supported client configuration, VC has a single SUS with an uplink from 2 separate switches. One would expect that SUS to have one uplink Active and uplink Passive. It does for a time but then both uplinks, one from Bay 1 X1 and one from Bay 2 X1, actually both show Active. I didn’t think that would be possible in VC across Bay 1 and Bay 2 modules?





Input from Dave:




What are the upstream switches?

Could they have IRF or vPC configured and that is causing this ‘feature’?


It looks as if Long Range SFPs are being used. Are they LRM on both ends?

I know they should not connect, but?


Is it a great distance between the SFP-LRM’s?

Maybe there is a timing issue…


Have you looked at the ‘Detailed Stats / Info’ for any hints?

Wouldn’t know what to look for other than looking and it sounds good!


You could try cycling power on both modules or forcing a re-flash of the modules(after a backup)?




Reply from Chad:




Just wanted to report back, it looks like the issue has been resolved. The firmware on the G7s was 4.1.402.8, which was a pulled firmware version and known to have specific issues. Once the firmware on all of the connecting blades was upgraded to 4.1.450.16, the pause frames no longer occurred and the Stacking Links and SUS stayed in place as expected.