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Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel (VC-FC) Manual - Dynamic Log-in distribution

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Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel (VC-FC) Manual - Dynamic Log-in distribution

Dave had a SAN question:





                We were going over a customer’s VC config. They had initially selected Manual login. When we look at the SAN or Profile, there is no Advanced button to change to Dynamic.


Is this new in VC code 3.15 as the customer was told?

Or is it because they selected Manual at the initial setup and the option is not available?

Does the site need to select Dynamic at first run to have the option to change to Manual?


I know we only have the option to change to physical MAC,WWN and serial numbers, when virtual is initially selected at first run.




Richard replied:




In 3.xx of vcm HBA logins are dynamic. When you look at a SAN fabric in Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)3.xx the field showing as manual is re-distribution not login distribution. If you are using FlexFabric vc modules you can change this setting to automatic re-distribution and can change the time of when the re-distribution will happen. Without looking I think it is 30 seconds by default and can be changed up to 1800 seconds.




Comments or additional questions?

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Re: Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel (VC-FC) Manual - Dynamic Log-in distribution

More comments from Reginald:






    Questions on how logins are handle when there is a failure. When the failed link becomes active, will the logins be redistributed across all links or do they stay connected?






Reply from Vincent:




When the failed FC uplink comes back, IF you have a FlexFabric module AND you’ve configured Login Re-Distribution to Automatic, some server logins will be automatically moved back to the restored uplink. Otherwise the restored uplink will remain unused until you hit the “Redistribute Logins” button in VCM or a server re-logins by itself.




And back from Reginald:




Thanks for the clarification. On the FlexFabric module if the redistribution is set to automatic why would the server logins not be rebalanced across all available links? Why would some move and others not?






From Vincent:




The server logins *are* rebalanced across all available links. If all the servers moved to the restored link, the end result wouldn't be very well balanced.