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Virtual Connect-Fibre Channel and AJ718A / AJ716B transceivers

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Virtual Connect-Fibre Channel and AJ718A / AJ716B transceivers

Josef was working a customer issue:




Our customer claims, that SFP+ module AJ718A is not working in VC-FC 24-port (p/n 466482-B21).

FW revisions :

OA: 4.01

VC-FC: 1.10

VC-FlexFabric: 4.10



HP 8Gb Shortwave B-series FC SFP+ 1 Pack


HP 8Gb   Short Wave FC SFP+ 1 Pack


According to QuickSpecs – AJ718A is supported on 20-port VC-FC and VC-FlexFabric 24-port module

No mention about AJ718A for VC-FC 24-port.


It means, the AJ718A is not supported in VC-FC 24-port module…

But (technical question) – is there any reason for this behavior?

Are VC-FC 20-port / 24-port so different, that one module supports AJ718A and the other one doesn’t?




Input from Dan and Mark:




B-series = Brocade.


20 Port and FlexFabric use a QLogic chipset under the hood

24 Port uses a Brocade chipset


It’s been this way since day 1.. Brocade under the hood supports B-Series SFPs.


The same applies to the Brocade 8/24c FC modules


The VC-FC8/20 and VC FlexFabric are QLogic-based and do not have the restriction.




Other comments?