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Virtual Connect Firmware 3.17 Update

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Virtual Connect Firmware 3.17 Update

Michael had a question regarding updating Virtual Connect to the latest version:




I am new to Virtual Connect support, and have a question from a customer on the 3.15 to 3.17 firmware upgrade.  The enclosure is in production.  According to the info on the firmware update:


During the update process, modules being updated will be temporarily unavailable.


Does this have the potential of disrupting the production environment?  Could it possibly trigger the NO_COMM issue?  Are there any special precautions needed to prevent a production outage?




Dave replied:





                Assuming that this is a c7000 and that the VC Domain was configured with redundant path for Ethernet and SAN, then there should be no disruption. The VCSU(Virtual Connect Support Utility) will push the new Firmware  to all modules and then reset/reboot the Standby side modules. If bay 1 is Active, then the tool will reboot bays 2, 4, 6 & 8. Bring them online and then reboot the odds 1, 3, 5 & 7.


                If this is not trusted or your customer feels the need to do one module at a time, this can be done with VCSU. It will take longer as each Ethernet module takes ~22 minutes and VC-Fibre Channel modules take ~10 minutes to update.


                The NO_COMM issue was only effecting the VCM(management) part of VC.




Here is a link to the Virtual Connect 3.17 firmware release:



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Re: Virtual Connect Firmware 3.17 Update

I'm not the orginal pster but I'd like a clarification in relation to my enviroment.


We have a c3000 enclosure with one Flex-10 module. In this enviroment firmware updates will cause all blades in the c3000 enclosure to lose network connectivity for several minutes?


I had previously thought it would be like when we patch OA. we loose access to OA but the blades themselves contine running with their current setup.

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Re: Virtual Connect Firmware 3.17 Update

Hi Dev


Surprisingly, we have informed HP about same, that can we upgrade VCFC firmware in active /passive way so we do not have to take downtime of C7000 blade chasis to shut down. But the HP says, its recommonded to have downtime. I am surporised HPSU utility has the option of firmware upgrade for modules where no downtime requires as the vcfc redudancy comes in action. Pls suggest how we can achive firmware upgrade without taking downtime of full blade c7000 chasis to shut down.


PS: HP has realeasd VCFC firmware 3.18 version.


Thanks in advance