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Virtual Connect Firmware Update in a VCEM environment

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Virtual Connect Firmware Update in a VCEM environment

Guenter wanted some advice on how to best update Virtual Connect firmware in a Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager controlled domain:




I wanted to perform a VC firmware update on my bladesystems, which are controlled ny VCEM. I receive an access denied message during the healthcheck, when the vcsu tries to log into the vc module. The user and pw is correct.


Is it necessary to export the vc-domain out of the VCEM or do I have to set it to maintanance mode ?

Or do I have to suspect another problem ?




Gary provided some answers:




On the VCEM domain group tab is a firmware maintenance button.  Select the domain you are upgrading and put it in maitenance mode before proceeding.




Comments? Are you using VCEM? Any other advice for Guenter?