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Virtual Connect Flex-10+Brocade+Multi-Enclosure Stacking question

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Virtual Connect Flex-10+Brocade+Multi-Enclosure Stacking question

Pere had a stacking configuration question:




Hello experts:


Planning a delivery again for a Virtual Connect MES. Here is the schema that the Cu plans to deploy (and has bought):


Enclosure 1

VC-Flex 10 --- VC-Flex 10

Brocade 4Gb --- Brocade 4Gb



VC-Flex 10 --- VC-Flex 10

empty --- empty


Would this configuration be supported? Would it be possible to create the stack?


Thank you very much for you help,




Lionel responded:




Yes the MES can be created but it’s not recommended to do that because if you move a profile from enc0 to enc1, the SAN connection will be lost.


The recommendation is :

When VC-FC is implemented in a multi-enclosure domain, all enclosures must have identical VC-FC module placement and cabling.

This ensures that the profile mobility is maintained, so that when a profile is moved from one enclosure to another within the stacked VC Domain, SAN connectivity is preserved.




And here is the link to the Multi-Enclosure Stacking document: