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Virtual Connect Flex-10, H3C A5820, DAC cables - 10 Meter Cisco Twinax?

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Virtual Connect Flex-10, H3C A5820, DAC cables - 10 Meter Cisco Twinax?

Dave had a Virtual Connect cable question:




HP has tested and support the 3M and 5M Cisco Twinax for VC Flex-10.

(we are linking from Flex-10 to a Nexus5000)


So for the 10M Cisco Twinax is it supported or do I say “not supported (i.e. not tested) by HP but likely will work.  If calling HP support we would ask to show that the problem still occurs with a supported cable”. 




Ray answered:




Not supported….MAY  work but no guarantees.  Customer must verify problems with supported cables before requesting service.




And Alex chimed in:




Actually, starting VC release 3.01 we are supporting ALL of the DAC cables listed in the Flex-10 module QuickSpecs which includes, HP, HP ProCurve, HP C-Series and Cisco DACs, HP B-series and Brocade DACs.


We will also allow 3rd party DACs that meet compatibility criteria, they will allow for connectivity but will be marked as “unsupported” by VCM.




Cables issues that you have seen? Let us know who makes good or bad cables.