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Virtual Connect Flex-10 LAN Module Stacking question

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 LAN Module Stacking question

Siegfried had a stacking link question:




Hi all,


We have an c7000 config with 2 VC Flex-10 Modules in bay 1 and 2, additionally we have the 1/10 Gb-F VC IO Module in bay 5 and 6.


Bay 1 and 5, as well as bay 2 and 6 need to be stacked together.


From the quickspecs this is possible with the CX4 connections on each of the VC modules (picture 1).


Question is, if it is also possible to use the port 1 (X1) from the Flex-10 module and connect with the 1 Gb SFP port 4 (or 5) on the 1/10 VC module (picture 2) ?


VC Crosslink.jpg



Vincent replied:




Yes, it’s possible. Not simultaneously (on Flex-10 you can use CX4 or X1, they’re shared) but you sure can make a 1Gb stacking link the way you describe, using a 1Gb SX SFP (453151-B21) on each side.




Any additional info for Siegfried? Have you used the CX link on your systems? Work fine?