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Virtual Connect Flex-10 module question

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 module question

Andrei needed help with a customer question:




Please, help to answer for the questions from the customer. c7000 enclosure, flex10 modules, each flex10 module have 4 uplinks. Customer want to create 3 logical interfaces. Each interface belongs to the own VLAN (int1-vlan10, int2-vlan20, int3-vlan30). On the int1 and int2 customer want to use standard MTU size, and on the int3 want to use MTU Jumboframes (9000 bytes).


- is it working and supported configuration?

- is it possible to strictly assign traffic from the int1 to the uplink port #1, and for the traffic from the int2-3 - to the uplink ports #2-4 ?


Thanks in advance!




Some replies:




From Ken:

9K MTU is enabled by default with Flex-10 modules.  You can define VC networks as you have described. 


The only thing you need to worry about is the MTU supported by the NIC.  For example, the NC551 only supports 4K MTU.  The NC553 only supports 8342 if hardware iSCSI is enabled.



And from Vincent:

Sure, it’s possible.

First, jumbo frames are irrelevant to the VC modules, they will pass jumbo frames without any specific configuration. You configure the MTU the way you want on the server interfaces, not on Virtual Connect.

For the VLANs, you could just create a VC network and assign to it uplink X1. Presumably you don’t want VLAN tagging on this one (you don’t need it), so just make sure the upstream switch port to which this is going is configured for VLAN 10 untagged. Then create a Shared Uplink Set with uplinks X2-X4 and create 2 networks under it, VLANs 20 and 30.

Check out the VC cookbooks linked from




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