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Virtual Connect Flex-10 support for NC522m network adapter

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 support for NC522m network adapter

Hiro needed some support clarificaiton on the NC522m adapter and whether it supported VC Flex-10 capabilities:



Does anyone know whether NC522m is really supported by Flex-10?

This document is saying NC522m is not supported by Flex-10 and latest VC release notes does not mention about NC522m...

But product name of NC522m includes “Flex-10” (HP NC522m Dual Port Flex -10 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter)...


HP ProLiant BL Server Blades - HP NC522m Dual Port Flex 10 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter Does Not Support Virtual Connect


HP Virtual Connect Version 2.33 Release Notes




Murthy and Jeroen replied:



NC522m is not supported with Flex-10 with VC 2.33.

Engineering is working on getting the quickspecs corrected.

My own document on SAW is already showing up on if you search on NC522m Virtual Connect support. Here is the document url:



Check it out. Are you using the NC522m and need VC Flex-10 capabilities?