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Virtual Connect Flex-10 support with BL860c/BL870c (Not i2 Blade)

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 support with BL860c/BL870c (Not i2 Blade)

Mitsuo had an Integrity and Virtual Connect question:




Hello Experts,


I have a customer who requests HP to clarify the supportability on the Flex10 interconnect module with the BL860c/BL870C LOM.


As far as I checked that only Flex10 NIC and Flex10 Mezz cards are supported.


BL860c/BL870c LOM do not support Flex10 unlike the BL8x0c i2 blades. So the answer for the customer is that HP will not support BL860c/BL870c LOM for the connection to the Flex10 interconnect module.


Please let me know if my understanding is correct.




Multiple comments:




Hoa replied:

With Bl860c/BL870c and VC Flex-10 you can use but seeing only 1Gb on the LOM coming out of VC Flex-10, this LOM can't slide up.   VC supports NFT and TLB teaming modes so depending what OS you're running.  If is HPUX,  APA will not work with Smartlink.   It is useable but don't expect SmartLink to work with APA in Active/Active configuration.    I would use Active/Standby.   That's my understanding unless others in this forum see something I don't understand.



Chuck said:

I think a better choice is the VC 1/10Gb Ethernet module. 1 Gb downlinks to the BL860c/BL870c and 10 Gb uplinks to the TOR or core switches.


Hoa replied:

You can read more about VC ports from


Virtual Connect Port Descriptions

The three types of ports are VC downlinks, VC uplinks, and internal crossconnects:

     • VC Downlinks

     • Non-visible ports that are directly connected to server NIC ports through the enclosure midplane.

     • Only role is to provide connectivity to directly connected blade server NICs • VC Uplinks • Visible ports on the VC-Enet module faceplate that provide external connectivity for the VC domain.

     • Roles include stacking link, network analyzer port (see Port Monitoring), normal mode(providing external connectivity)

        • Internal cross-connects

        • A non-visible port that interconnects two horizontally adjacent VC-Enet modules

        • Only role is to function as a stacking link.


I think using VC 1/10Gb is a good idea as Chuck said but not sure still orderable.   Have you thought of using Wireshark or Port monitoring under VCM Page 44 from this link ""


Vincent chimed in:

Economically speaking, I'd agree with Chuck, but to answer the previous question note that Smartlink is NOT a Flex-10 feature, it was there even before we had VC Flex-10 modules. It would work with BL860c LOMs (and VC 1/10Gb-F modules) just as well.


Diane also responded:

It will see it as just 2 NICs, but will work.  You just won’t get the 8 FlexNICs. 


This is from the Q&A on the BL860 on our website:



Does the HP Integrity BL860c server blade support all the interconnect modules of the BladeSystem c-Class?



Yes. All current BladeSystem c-Class interconnect modules, including HP's innovative Virtual Connect, are supported by the HP Integrity BL860c server blade.





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