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Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Cisco Nexus SFP & Cable requirements

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Cisco Nexus SFP & Cable requirements

Hoa had a cabling issue to a Nexus switch:




Hello all,


Last week  I moved a functioning VC Flex-10 Domain from a Net Extreme subnet to new Nexus subnet, that worked.     However, our SPP+, Part Number 455885-001 10Gb can’t link up with the Nexus, they happened to use LR SFP and Single Mode Fibre Channel which I should have checked.    We temporary use one more 1Gb available copper SFP to have two uplinks (LACP) per Virtual Connect module in Active/Active configuration vs. 1Gb uplink per VC module, that worked.    Performance increased 25% but nowhere near four 10Gb uplinks as they wanted.    Because the infrastructure FC is “Single Mode” is that only choice I have?    Can anyone see it differently?      They use LR SFP from Nexus side.  




Vincent replied:




Yes, if the Cisco side runs 10GBASE-LR, your only choice on the Flex-10 side is the transceiver 10Gb LR SFP+, P/N 455886-B21 transceiver. Both ends need to use the same 10Gb encoding standard.




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