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Virtual Connect Flex-10 upgrade from 1G to 10G Shared Uplink Set (SUS)

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 upgrade from 1G to 10G Shared Uplink Set (SUS)

Donald had an HP Channel Partner question:




I have a partner that is going to be upgrading one of their customers that is currently using Flex10 with 1G SFPs.  The configuration is Active – Standby and would like to know what is the best way to migrate from 1G to 10G.  I thought there was something in the cookbook to go through this but I couldn’t find it.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.




Dave replied:




                I have done this onsite were the customer had 3 x 1g SFP-RJ45s in each bay( 1 & 2) in an Active/Active setup.

We added a 10g DAC to each module and it became the active pipe immediately.

After we were sure traffic was flowing smooth, they decided to remove the 1g uplinks.


                Yours could be easier as an Active/Standby configuration, find the standby bay, plug in the switch configured 10g DAC or SFP/fiber.

Once added in the GUI as an uplink, that should be the active side.

After all traffic is verified, you can add in the other bay connection.


I have not seen any documentation for this…




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