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Virtual Connect Flex-10 vesus Virtual Connect FlexFabric for iSCSI, What or When to use ?

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Virtual Connect Flex-10 vesus Virtual Connect FlexFabric for iSCSI, What or When to use ?

Chuck had an iSCSI quesiton on Virtual Connect:




Can someone help clarify Why or When to use Virtua Connect FlexFabric for iSCSI

rather than using VC Flex-10 … Somehow I don’t see the interest

of doing iSCSI on VC FlexFabric !  Am I missing something ?




Vincent replied:




No advantage for VC FlexFabric  I can think of,  if your customer has no requirement for Fibre Channel or Fibre Channel over Ethernet connectivity. Go with Flex-10 in this scenario.




Chuck responded with another question:




Like many, I only learned of the Storage Function being mapped to Physical Function 2 (PF2) when Converged Network Adapters & VC FlexFabric were introduced.  So did this “mapping” of Storage/iSCSI to PF2 also apply to G6 Flex-10 NICs ?

And so is only one iSCSI Flex-Nic supported per G6 Flex-10 port with VC Flex-10 ?


Customer was asking if they could keep their iSCSI traffic separate to NetApps and HP storage

from the same Flex-10 port ?  I replied NO for G7 since iSCSI can only be mapped to the CNA’s

PF2 (you’d need an additional CNA Mezz card and VC FF pair)… but for G6 I wasn’t sure ;-!




Chris replied:




The iSCSI offloading (and the FCoE aspect) does not apply to the G6 LOMs… must be the NC551 or similar CNA.




Any other quesitons? Here is the link to the Virtual Connect FlexFabric module site:


Remember, if you do not need iSCSI offloading, any of the FlexNICs can be used for iSCSI traffic. That also goes for the G6 LOMs and non-CNA adapters. iSCSI is merely Ethernet traffic with iSCSI commands as payloads. That's why you can use the VC Flex-10 modules for iSCSI traffic.