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Virtual Connect Flex10 and VMware IO controls

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Virtual Connect Flex10 and VMware IO controls

Kevin had an interesting Virtual Connect question:






I have a customer that needs to understand the good bad and ugly of doing the following:


Making one 10Gb Flex10 NIC, using that single 10Gb NIC on an ESX host and letting VMWare handle QoS for all IO.  They wish to use all of the IO control of VMware for all services.  Is anyone doing this?  Is it useful?  Is it addressing customer needs today? 


Is Mapping or Tunneling the best way to do this and why? 


Any help is appreciated.  Has this been discussed anywhere?




Chris presented his thoughts:




Using VMWare NetIOC is something that is being explored with more and more customers.  Keep in mind that NetIOC will not support classifying and controlling different VM traffic types.  All VM’s are lumped into a single NetIOC group.  So, there is no way for one to configure priority of say SIP-based traffic over HTTP web serving traffic.  However, this is where FlexNICs will be helpful.  Segregate the latency sensitive apps to dedicated FlexNICs.




Other input on this concept?