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Virtual Connect-Flex10 uplinks with 10Gb Ethernet??

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Virtual Connect-Flex10 uplinks with 10Gb Ethernet??

Arnout had a customer query:






I have a customer that requires us to uplink the VC Flex10 with RJ45 and wants 10Gb.


I checked the VC connection matrix powerpoint and product bulletin, but I am a bit confused now.


Am I correct that you can only use 10Gb over copper with DAC-cables?  I can’t seem to find an SFP(+) RJ45 that supports 10Gb.  All I can find is “RJ45 SFP 453154-B21”.


Is there someone that can shed a light on this to make it more clear for me?


Thanks in advance.




Andrey replied:




Hi Arnout,



I’m afraid 10GBase-T   is not supported by VC, HPNetworking   (and many other HP and non-HP products)

The network world is moving to SFP+ (and 10Gbase-T is out of game due to power isues)  



In theory you may use third-party media converters 10GBase-T to SFP+
like this one  ( not tested = HP unsupported)




Other people concerned about copper 10Gb cables? let us know. But Andrey is correct about power being a BIG issue.