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Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stacking with VCEM


Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stacking with VCEM

Hi, we've got a C7000 chasis with 2 Virtual Connect FlexFabric, managed by Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.


It's already configured and running.


Now we need to stack a new C7000, with 2 new Virtual Connect FlexFabric.


Existing Virtual Connects have 4.10 firmware version, and the new ones come with 4.30 firmware version.


I've read the "Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Reference Guide", but it only explains how to do it from standard Virtual Connect Manager, not from VCEM.


Beeing a newbie to Virtual Connect there are some things that I'm not sure about.


Can I do the stacking from Virtual Connect Manager, or do I need to do it from VCEM?

Should I upgrade all virtual connects (existing and new) to 4.31 before stacking, or can I do it after stacking?

Is there a way to downgrade new Virtual Connects from 4.30 to 4.10 so I can stack them without updating the running ones?


In the Reference Guide it is not clear if I should cable the stacking links before or after adding the new enclosure to the VC Domain. When should I cable them?





Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stacking with VCEM




You may refer to section'3 Managing VC Domains > Requirements for adding a VC Domain to a VC Domain Group on page 35' in the HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 7.4 User Guide which states the following"


To add an unconfigured VC Module to a VC Domain Group, the following items must be identical:
• Interconnect bays location and model
• Enclosure model
• Uplinks of the network and Fibre Channel SAN Fabric
• Power state of the VC Modules


The above mentioned section starts on page 31 detailing the steps to be done to add a configured VC Domain to a VC Domain Group.


The firmware of the enclosures may be updated post the enclosure is discovered and managed by VCEM.


You may refer to section 'Downgrades' in the HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Support Utility Version 1.10.1 User Guide  (VCSU) for more information and section 'Commands' to respective command.


VCSU is available for download from any of the Virtual Connect module's driver download page. One that is shown here is that of HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module for c-Class BladeSystem though this is common for all VC modules. Select operating system and then select Utility Tools to download the utility.


Hope this helps!





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