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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and other modules in the same enclosure

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and other modules in the same enclosure

Rinaldo wanted to know if there were any issues of having the Virtual Connect FlexFabric module in the same enclosure as other interconnect modules:




Support of mix of VC and other modules on VC-Flex10 is available as stated in the quickspec. 

The quickspecs for FlexFabric report only VC modules and empty bays configs, do you know if we can use ETH/FC passthrus in bay 3,4,5,6 when there’s FlexFabric in bay 1 and 2?




Lionel had some answers:




The only rules we have to know about VC FlexFabric are:


  • If an HP VC FlexFabric module is installed in an interconnect bay, the only module that can be installed in the horizontally adjacent bay is another HP VC FlexFabric module.


  • FlexFabric modules can reside in any bay, however only another FlexFabric module can reside in an adjacent bay.


  • To avoid connectivity loss, do not install Virtual Connect and non-Virtual Connect modules in interconnect bays connected to the same server blade mezzanine card. Non-Virtual Connect Modules cannot be installed in an adjacent interconnect bay.


So if you respect those rules, you should be fine when it comes to connect any other non VC modules inside the enclosure.

The QuickSpec does not show all possible supported configurations.




So use VC FlexFabric with your other interconnect modules.