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Virtual Connect FlexFabric connectivity with Nexus 5048 - DAC 7m cables ????

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric connectivity with Nexus 5048 - DAC 7m cables ????

Dimitris hd a Direct Attach Cable (DAC) question:




I have case where customer has a Nexus 5048 and will consider Flex Fabric if we can offer 7m DAC cables that can be connected to this Nexus. I know that we have certified from both sides (HP & Cisco) only 3m and 5m cables the AP784A & AP785A but no 7m cables.


This is a must from customer due to distance issues so I cannot deviate.


Do we have a solution ?




RIchard replied:




See note in the Virtual Connecct FlexFabric quickspec.


NOTE: In addition to the supported HP and non-HP Copper Twinax and Active Copper SFP+ cables above, Virtual Connect provides "allowed" connections using third party cables that meet the following criteria: connector=copper pigtail; transceiver code=active cable or passive cable; speed equal or less than 10Gb; length between 1m and 7m, inclusive. All "allowed" DACs are connected and logged. Prior to requesting support from HP, a DAC from the supported list above must be used to verify a cable issue is not involved.




As you look in the quickspec, there are at least 2 DAC cables that are supported by HP and are 7m long. Cisco will accept non-Cisco manufactured DAC cables as does HP.


QuickSpec link:


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