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Virtual Connect FlexFabric firmware question

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric firmware question

Pedrag was looking for software :




Can somebody tells me what is with VC v3.70 software?

I will have a new installation of four VC-FlexFabric modules but I can’t find the latest firmware for Virtual Connect Manager..

On our public download site we have only 3.60 available.


Any info will be usefull.




Info from Mark:




It depends on what you O/S you selected after choosing the FlexFabric Module.

Operating systems such as Windows 2003 and Linux 4 will only list VC 3.60 because those were dropped before VC 3.70 was made available.

It would be necessary you select Windows 2008 or Linux 5 to see the VC 3.70 package.


Check here:





Any other suggestions?